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Creative Jam Charleston: Balance

Last night I had the amazing fortune of participating in Charleston's Creative Jam with the awesome illustrator/ designer Anna Gloth!

A little background on Creative Jam: it's an event series hosted by Adobe in which teams of 2 (or even people by themselves!) design live for 3 hours based on a theme and compete in a few categories, local creatives give talks about their process, and everyone has a good time! There was food, drinks, SWAG! It was awesome. The speakers - Amy Pastre and Courtney Rowson of SDCO Partners, Tami Boyce, and Marcus Amaker were all so unique and engaging in their own ways. The structure of the event also meant that we got to sit back, relax, and watch them speak before presenting our work! We competed in the graphic design category and our theme was Balance. 

Our overall concept was exploring work/life balance, and also the balance between our skills as a type designer (myself) and an illustrator (Anna). We created a composition that merged all of those ideas through fun, bright colors and playful textures. 


Using Adobe Capture, RoboFont, and my trusty light table we also were able to create a complete typeface that used all of the shapes we created! 

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 9.53.33 AM.png

You can download Our Type of Balance for free right now. 

Thanks to everyone we competed alongside, Adobe Creative Cloud, Refresh Charleston, Creative Mornings Charleston, AIGA SC, and the Halsey Institute for a great night! 

Apologies for the crappy phone photo! This was our team name :P

Apologies for the crappy phone photo! This was our team name :P