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*Update* We're live! You can still use the form below to get updates on the campaign. 

I am beyond thrilled that I will be attending a summer type design program at The Cooper Union in New York City!

When I was young, I would spend hours in Microsoft Word typing my name in every typeface available. I was fascinated that the style of lettering communicated a message just as strongly as the language itself—and thus began my curiosity with and love for letters.

Right now my goal is to understand how custom lettering and typeface design can be used to bring a unique voice to life in tandem with illustration and branding. This summer will help me gain the skills needed to carry out any vision, nurturing the link between communication and my creativity, as well as the opportunity to learn and collaborate in person (gasp!) with people who share the same passion. 

Hopefully one day it’ll be my typefaces I’m entering into a Word document over and over again :) 

For the summer I'll be launching a campaign to help offset the cost of tuition and supplies as well as the loss of income for a month and a half. Follow along on Instagram, Dribbble, and sign up for my newsletter below!