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Aye Bee Sea

The first experiment in a new series I'm calling Phonetibet! It was really nice to work with my hands and carve a linoleum block, something I haven't done since my Season's Greetings tote bags. To my eternal embarassment I even made the rookiest of rookie mistakes when carving a linoleum block - I didn't flip my design! I only noticed when I went to make my first print, peeled off the paper, and everything was backwards :( Luckily a quick run to the art store and a brand new block later and I was back on track! Just goes to show you that patience and attention to detail are skills that are always important :P

We'll see where these end up. I kinda want to do a giant letterpressed poster of the whole alphabet but we'll see. For now there's a chance that this print *might* show up as a mystery item in my shop.