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Snap to it!

One of my most adored gifts from this past Christmas has been my Polaroid Snap Instant Camera. Lately it's been my constant companion on walks around Charleston and I love photographing all the intricate textures found along the way. It also has a 10 second timer feature perfect for group shots that takes 4 images and prints out on one sheet; the results of which I'll keep to myself :)

My favorite setting is Sepia with a nice border. The color setting works great with a limited palette, like blues, but looks a little washed out when a lot of color is involved. Another potential plus of this camera is that it stores all your shots on a memory card, but it's honestly something I'm not too interested in using. I love trying to frame a shot, the delightful noise it makes when printing, and the always unexpected result! It's ironic given the age of internet immediacy that I'm delighted by a device that takes a little time.

I've officially caught the instant camera bug and I've been eyeing up the Instax mini/ full size from FujiFilm - especially the rainbow paper that it can print on! Please let me know what you think of your instant camera of choice!