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Playing with Pottery

One of my goals for this year was to get back into fine art and experiment with making things outside of my comfort zone. My first class of the new year was pottery at Fire & Earth Fine Pottery. I've worked with clay before, but this was my first time throwing on a wheel! 

I found that making pots has these really blissful moments of meditative relaxation; which for me came few and far between trying to keep all the clay from collapsing in on itself! It's also very much a full body activity. At first I didn't think that sitting for 2 hours a week could possibly make me sore - which, I suppose, speaks to my own lazy lifestyle more than pottery :) - but I definitely found myself working and using the full strength of my arms and legs. It also forces you to really slow down. A few of my pots have these wonky dents that come from moving too fast across the clay! As with creating anything I like some more than others. My mug is especially weird but actually fits my hands rather nicely. Which I guess shouldn't be too shocking since I made it with, ya know, my hands. 

Probably the most hilarious and delightful thing about this class came at the end. While making these things Kris (owner/ potter of Fire & Earth) said that they'll lose 10-15% of their mass while firing/ drying. I was still wondering what I was going to use these giant vases and bowls for - even considering that, since I'm a novice, I whittled away most of my clay by accident  - LOL! They ended up being the perfect size for some little knick knacks and plants! And although smaller than I expected they're just the right size :)