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My Type of Gingerbread

This was DELICIOUS! After reading this great article on Alphabettes by Victoria Rushton (whose numerals are far, far superior), I thought I'd try my hand a baking gingerbread and piping some lettering for the first time - which, honestly, was a littttttle too ambitious. I wish I had a practice round first to really get out all the kinks of my piping. BUT at least the cookies taste great, and just looking at them fills me with holiday cheer. 

1. Blackoak by Adobe
2. Salome (adapted) by Atipo Foundry
3. Sutro by Parkinson Type Design
4. Blenny by Dalton Maag
5. Handsome Script by Drew Melton
6. Dude by Dan GG=neiding

7. Bungee by David Jonathan Ross
8. Spaceage by House Industries
9. Matrix II by Emigre
10. Pompador Numerals by Andy Mangold
11. Modesto Poster Italic by Parkinson Type Design
12. Regina Black Hilte by Charles & Thorn

13. LoRes 9 OT Wide Regular by Emigre
14. Voltage Bold by Laura Worthington Type
15. Birra 2 Stout by Darden Studio
16. Kompakt by Linotype
17. Vortice (Concept) by Adobe Type Concept
18. Colt Soft by Fort Foundry

19. Freight Micro Pro Black by Garage Fonts
20. Dalliance by Emigre
21. Tuscan Extended by Hamilton Wood Type Foundry
22. Modula Round by Emigre
23. Latienne by URW++
24. Viktor Script by Oh No Type Co. 
25. Slab Antique by Hamilton Wood Type Foundry