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Happy Anniversary!


Phew time flies! I moved here a little over a year ago and my goodness, what a difference it has made in my life! Some highlights and observations (don't worry most of them are food related):

2. I have more intense opinions about BBQ than I thought physically possible (Swig & Swine 4 lyfe).

5. Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams you are my favorite place in the world and just omg confectionary perfection.

8. FIREWORKS ARE LEGAL!!!! Dreams do come true. 

1. People drive everywhere. Everywhere. Preferably in a truck. "Oh it's just like a 20 minute walk from where we are" "My god f* that let's drive".

3. "Don't like the weather? Wait 15 minutes." Classic Charleston saying - and it's true! 

4. Collard greens, my god, I love you.

6. I really love bike riding around town! Especially the West Ashley Greenway!

7. People get real intense about their koozie game - go out with one or don't go out at all! 

9. I've gotten really into candle making, courtesy of the awesome classes and good times provided by Candlefish!

10. Sullivan's Island, or Folly Beach (one day Isle of Palms, one day...) is where you can find me 90% of the weekends, any time of year! Living at the beach is incredible and I get my swim on as often as possible. 

(oh and to save my northern friends some googling Charleston is called the Holy City because of all the steeples/ churches/ holy places gracing the skyline)