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Spring Fever

Spring in Charleston is a schizophrenic mix of freezing cold rain and beautiful picture-perfect days. Luckily the beautiful days outnumbered the winter jacket days (yes, I've officially become a Southerner who wears a winter jacket at the slightest indication of cold). So, only bringing my rain jacket for emergencies, there were plenty of amazing things to do and see. My most favorite activity was our weekend at Table Rock State Park.

I went camping there for the weekend with my boyfriend (and the puppy of course) and it was SO MUCH FUN. My prior experiences with camping included girl scouts and sleeping outside my house as a kid with my Dad and my brother until the lure of hot chocolate inside with Mom was too much to resist. Probably my favorite part of the weekend was the short hike we took up Carrick Creek trail. The trail actually leads pretty far to a walkable campsite, but we stayed in a vehicle accessible campsite due to my dislike of carrying all of my things everywhere. 

The actual view for which the mountain is named is - meh - at best. Although the hike up there was quite nice, it wasn't really a WOW. What can I say, last year I hiked Machu Picchu so I guess I'm a bit of a hike snob these days. 

Other than the wonderful nature and scenery there are a lot of little inns and cafes that I plan to explore the next time around - particularly Aunt Sue's Country Corner.  Even though Charleston is a small city and it's easy to get away even for a few hours in nature this REALLY felt like a getaway. It was a bit of a drive but worth it just for the simple quiet and some peace of mind :)

Other adventures these past few months include biking, swimming (of course), and drinking! Going to elaborate on those in later posts!