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Stellar Brush Lettering

I've been looking a lot at different continuing education programs and one that has especially caught my eye is Type@Cooper. They have several workshops open to the public, one of which was with Ken Barber of House Industries and who taught a Script Lettering workshop I attended in Yorklyn right before (!!!!!!) I moved to Charleston over a year ago. 

This workshop came at an absolutely perfect time! It was the weekend before Thanksgiving and since I'm originally from New York it was super easy to book my flights a few days earlier than usual and get to attend an awesome class at Cooper Union while visiting my family!  

We started first by learning a brief history of brush lettering and a few basic strokes. After that we built out on top of more and more complex strokes to create individual letters, and then words! Basically this looked like |/| [single horizontal/ diagonal strokes] > "n" > "m" > "a" > "e" > mane!   

Besides feeling like I actually learned something, one of the most rewarding aspects of the class was just watching Ken Barber draw and seeing his process from sketch after sketch to finalized logo.

After getting the strokes down, we spent the second day of the class sketching one word. I chose "Stellar". Once I experimented with the brush pen I started refinining my composition and forms through pencil. We also went through some tips for vectorizing sketches, which I did once I got home. All around I would highly recommend Cooper Union!