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Happy Holidays

Tis the season to get crafting! I wanted to improve my exacto knife skills while making a little something for my friends. To that end I decided to cut out each letter of "Happy Holidays" and create unique compositions for each card. First, of course, sketching:


After refining the letterforms (inspired by the amazing House Inudstries!) I used tracing paper to copy 7 sets onto different sheets of paper. I actually copied the reverse of each letter so that all my pencil marks would be on the back, saving me some time by not having to erase. 


After that I quickly laid out the letters to give myself a rough idea of the composition. Then I used a paint brush, some wax paper, and glue to to apply the letters to the card. Next I added details with a gold gel pen and some extra snowflake elements.

After that I was ready to send out my beautiful creations, and hope to spread some holiday cheer. Looking for ideas for next year since I had so much fun this time around, so please message me if you find something amazing!