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A Futurist Assembly

At first when I saw these products I had no idea what they were but I wanted them:

Gift kits full of high end beauty products! After finding out that they were a little outside of my budget I was still able to enjoy these boxes as a visual treat. Once I did a little more digging into the brand behind this brilliance, Aesop, I feel in love with their aesthetic and overall presentation. This interview with Suzanne Santos, Australian country manager, had me head over heels. Santos states "We don’t make products on the basis of needing a new launch, or to be at war against others. We don’t look at what other companies are doing and we’re not influenced by trends. We don’t do celebrity endorsement. We don’t speak about anti-aging — we talk about health." Even more than that, Aesop talks about lifestyles:

"There are far more interesting things on this earth than skin care, and even prior to the digital world, we were integrating those elements into the way that we projected the brand. There are incredible interviews on our website, and articles about architecture, literature, history, and design that are there to stimulate your thoughts. We believe that those who read them and come to the stores will understand — that our customer gets it, and in fact they want it. The strength of our brand is in that cultural exchange."

Speaking of a cultural exchange, their Futurist Assembly website takes the gorgeous design of the gift kits one step further and is a beautiful celebration of beauty by design. It even has a wonderful video of the Futurist Manifesto.


In an age over saturated by visual stimulation and aggressive brand extension Aesop's aesthetic values are refreshing. Equally successful is the combination of an old visual sensibility with modern technology. Using such a distinct style as Futurism has the possibility to become trite - or, at worst, cute - yet Aesop does neither. I might just have to find room in my budget for one of those $60 kits