Designer, illustrator, and jellyfish enthusiast

Photo by Maria Bisso

Photo by Maria Bisso

Hello, I'm Lauren

I grew up in Valley Cottage, New York. It's the part of New York that people from the city call upstate and that people from upstate call the city. Currently I am living and working in beautiful Montana, right above Yellowstone National Park! I work as a graphic designer with the wonderful people who are Yellowstone Forever.  I take on select freelance from time to time so if you're an art director or potential client and would like a copy of my self promo, please reach out! 

Questions (I wish were) Frequently Asked:

  1. Are you available to design lettering for an entire circus? YES.

  2. Do you accept payment in the form of chocolate? Perhaps.

  3. We're a group of amazing librarians, can you - ANYTHING.

  4. Can I give you a box of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies? I guess.

  5. Do you have a sense of humor? No.

Select Features: 

Verified Artist on Giphy: 2018
AIGA SC InShow 22 winner for Charleston Travel Guides, and The ProStart Way: 2017
Featured on For Print Only by Underconsideration: 2017
Interview on Design Feast: 2016
Design Spotlight on Moo for Matt & Krissy, and Charleston Travel Guides: 2016
Featured on Art of the Menu by Underconsideration: 2015

Immortal Jellyfish are awe-inspiring, terrifying, and a constant concern.

Email me at Lauren[dot]Beltramo[at]gmail[dot]com to start your project or for help using any of my iMessage sticker packs.